Building a strong community on Telegram in 2024 

To build a strong community on Telegram for crypto, you can follow these expert tips and strategies: 
  • Create an official group: This is the primary space where you want all your community members to gather
  • Design an outreach strategy: Include a Telegram invite link on your officialwebsite, blogs, press releases, and social media profiles. Join relevant cryptogroups and forums to share links to your groups
  • Maintain active engagement: Communicate your brand's purpose, value each member equally, listen to their feedback, and respond appropriately to foster a sense of belonging among community members
  • Incentives: Reward people for inviting their friends to your group, as this canbring in more traffic and engagement. Certain announcements on Telegram canattract users interested in joining and staying in a community
  • Ask your community what they want: This ensures that you are creating relevantcontent that resonates with your audience
  • Foster community engagement: Organize Q&A sessions, host AMAs, conductcontests and quizzes, and facilitate meaningful discussions to keep the community vibrant and active
  • Diversify your presence: While Telegram is essential, maintaining an active presence across various platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and more allows you to reach a broader audience and attract new members while retaining existingones
By implementing these strategies, you can effectively build and manage a robust crypto community on Telegram, fostering engagement, growth, and success.

How can an Rocket PR agency help while building a strong Telegram community?

Telegram Marketing Strategy: An agency can assist in devising a marketing strategy for Telegram, including utilizing group chats, media sharing, and bot support to reach potential customers

Channel Promotion: Agencies can help promote Telegram channels by leveraging their expertise in social media marketing and content creation to increase visibility and engagement

Advertising on Telegram: Agencies can manage advertising campaigns on Telegram, utilizing the Telegram Ads platform or advertising on Telegram channels through content marketing marketplaces. The cost for advertising on Telegram channels varies depending on factors such as the channel's ownership and the placement of advertising posts

Buying Telegram Members: Agencies can help in increasing the audience of a Telegram channel by purchasing Telegram members. This can catalyze rapid expansion and create a positive feedback loop for organic growth

Monitoring and Data-Driven Decisions: Agencies can monitor Telegram for data-driven decisions, analyzing engagement and audience behavior to optimize marketing strategies

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Building a strong community on Telegram in 2024

Telegram Marketing Strategy
1000 USDT
Members with a lifetime guarantee 3000 people
1200 USDT
Invitation to a group or chat of 150 people per day
250 USDT
Sending messages via direct message 1000 pcs
200 USDT
Telegram views with a lifetime guarantee of 1000 views
300 USDT
Reactions to post 800 pcs.
300 USDT
Comments on the post are written manually upon order, agreed upon before posting 100 pieces
500 USDT
Parsing users from relevant chats and groups
300 USDT
Parsing channels to collect users and advertising
500 USDT
Advertising in selected channels cost per month (posts without a tag and with a tag)
from 5000 USDT monthly
Advertising via Telegram Ads
from 5000 USDT monthly
Crypto/Web3 Pack (posts in 6 Telegram Channels)
6500 USDT
Trading Pack (posts in 5 Telegram Channels)
7500 USDT
NFT & Metaverse Pack (posts in 7 Telegram Channels)
7300 USDT
DeFi & Finance Pack (posts in 6 Telegram Channels)
6300 USDT
Pack For Giveaway / Bounty / Airdrop Announcements
4200 USDT
AMA Telegram Pack
15500 USDT