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What is KON KonPay token?

KON token is a cryptocurrency token used in the KONPAY payment service system
30 нояб.

Why USTC gave +170% today?

TerraUSD Classic (USTC) is an algorithmic stablecoin associated with the Terra Classic (LUNC) ecosystem. It has experienced significant growth recently, with a 24-hour increase in value of 20.18%, reaching $0.01803
26 нояб.

What is ChainFlip (FLIP) token and price prediction

Chainflip FLIP is a decentralized, trustless protocol that enables cross-chain swaps between different blockchains without the need for wrapped tokens or specialized wallets.
24 нояб.

Huobi HTX is hacked today

Huobi HTX is hacked today. Loss is about $86 million
22 нояб.

What is TokenFi?

TokenFi is a platform within the Floki ecosystem that enables users to easily tokenize real-world assets without coding.
22 нояб.

Sam Altman will returned to the CEO of OpenAI

Sam Altman is back on his post of CEO of OpenAi
21 нояб.

CZ Big Boss leaves Binance

Regulators will fine the Binance exchange $4.3 billion.
21 нояб.

BTC halving: should we wait for ToTheMoon?

Bitcoin halving is expected in April 2024. The Bitcoin halving cycle is 89% complete. Historically, at this time the price moved sideways, but after halving a powerful bull run began. But I won’t completely heal it - but within about a year.
20 нояб.

What cryptocurrencies does Elon Musk hold?

Elon Musk is quite vocal about cryptocurrencies during events and especially on Twitter. Since he has invested heavily in crypto and is one of the wealthiest people alive, his views seem to drive the crypto market.
20 нояб.

Elon Musk's most popular tweets that influenced the cryptocurrency market

Elon Musk's tweets have had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, influencing the value of various cryptocurrencies.
17 нояб.

What are the claims against Buybit in connection with the bankruptcy of FTX

The bankruptcy estate of FTX filed a lawsuit against Bybit for nearly $1 billion, alleging that Bybit's investment arm, Mirana, leveraged its VIP connections to pressure FTX group employees to fulfill its withdrawal requests as soon as assets became available
16 нояб.

What happened to the nft market in 2023 and forecasts for the future?

The NFT market experienced a significant price bubble in 2022, with huge sales such as Beeple's US$61m NFT and Damien Hirst's US$89m NFT collection.
12 нояб.

What happened with Poloniex Exchange?

11/09 Poloniex exchange was hacked
11 нояб.

In which poor countries is cryptocurrency popular and why?

Cryptocurrency growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in developing countries is hard to ignore.
11 нояб.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges went bust in 2019- 2023

Several cryptocurrency exchanges went bust in 2022 and 2023 due to various reasons such as market volatility, cyber attacks, and liquidity issues.
11 нояб.

Why Bitcoin rose in 2023?

Bitcoin's rise in 2023 can be attributed to several factors
11 нояб.

Shall we see bitcoin bullrun in 2024?

It is possible that we will see a Bitcoin bullrun in 2024, although it is not guaranteed. Several factors could contribute to a bullrun
11 нояб.

Do military conflicts affect the value of crypto?

After Israel declared a state of war with the Palestinian militant organization Hamas, rumors swirled about the potential impact on Bitcoin and the broader altcoin markets
11 нояб.

What are some examples of successful collaborations between crypto projects and youtube bloggers

There have been several successful collaborations between crypto projects and YouTube bloggers. Here are some examples
10 нояб.

What are some examples of comprehensive nft marketing campaigns

There are several examples of comprehensive NFT marketing campaigns that have successfully promoted NFTs and attracted buyers. Some of these campaigns include
10 нояб.